Modelling and simulations

Rethink Sensing is not only our claim but part of our DNA. Today we introduce you to our R&D Project Manager MEMS colleague Alexandre Mehdaoui.

Swinging into the future

Alexandre Medahoui is responsible for the development of the next generation of MEMS chips at TrueDyne. Since he has been working for us, his workplace changes regularly. Whether it is from the office to the laboratory or into the clean room for the production of test MEMS chips. Since the Covid-19 situation, he bravely stays at home and uses the time to develop and simulate new models.

« But research strives and struggles, never tiresome,
according to the law, the reason, why and how. »
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Thank you Alexandre for making sure that our timetable of product innovations stays on schedule. By the way, if you want to know more about Alexandre’s work here is the link.

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Picture credit Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Joseph Karl Stieler creator QS:P170,Q467658, Goethe (Stieler 1828), partial cut-out from TrueDyne Sensors AG, CC0 1.0