Vision in sales

Rethink Sensing is not only our claim but part of our DNA. Today we introduce our Sales Manager Martin Ph. Hug.

With vision in consulting

Anyone who knows Martin Ph. Hug knows that he seeks direct contact. He calls it “having a face” and means how important the personal level is in sales.

It is almost unimaginable that he has to spend his time in front of a computer monitor because of the Covid-19 situation. Thanks to the online Chat which can be activated via our website, you still have the possibility to be close by despite the distance.

« One must try the impossible to achieve the possible. »
Hermann Hesse

If he has not already reached you, you can contact him using the following options:

Phone +41 61 715 55 82

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Picture Credit Hermann Hesse: Gret Widmann (†1931), Hermann Hesse 1927 Photo Gret Widmann, partial cut-out from TrueDyne Sensors AG, CC0 1.0