Accuracy and flexibility

Rethink Sensing is not only our claim but part of our DNA. Today we introduce our R&D Engineer Hardware colleague Fabio Schraner.

Develop – Test, Test, Test – Release

Fabio Schraner is our hardware hero. Whether well-behaved in the home office or if necessary (see picture) in the laboratory. He knows how to organize himself. During the current Covid-19 situation he manages to advance our hardware development on site and in the home office and to support the product wherever possible.

« Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination wherever you want. »
Albert Einstein

Thanks Fabio for making sure that the development of our future products stays on schedule.

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Picture Credit Albert Einstein: Ferdinand Schmutzer creator QS:P170,Q370800, Einstein 1921 portrait2, partial cut-out from TrueDyne Sensors AG, CC0 1.0