International Kissing Day

Today is “International Kissing Day”. Did you know that according to the Guinness Book of Records, the longest kiss in the world, in July 2005, lasted 31 hours, 30 minutes and 31 seconds?

Sensor+Test – Thank you

The SENSOR+TEST 2019 is over and we could reflect on a positive balance.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your visit on our stand. It was a pleasure to welcome you. We hope that the exhibition was just as interesting and informative for you as for us as exhibitors.

We are looking forward to being part of the SENSOR+TEST 2020!
Your TrueDyne Sensors AG

Sensor+Test 2019 – We are ready

The stand has been set up, technique works, exhibition models are set up and our experts are ready, it can finally start! From tomorrow until Thursday, we will be available from 9am on our stand 464 / hall 1.

Do you still need a free ticket or would you like to find out more about the sensors, the location of the trade fair or the exhibition stand? Get the information you need here…

World Music Day

Today is “World Music Day”. Not to worry if you don’t play an instrument. Our customers sing our praises in the highest possible terms and the services provided by our density and viscosity sensors are surely also music to your ears –

Winner – German Innovation Award 2019

We made it!  -  German Innovation Awards Winner 2019The German Innovation Awards honour products and solutions across sectors, which differ from previous solutions mainly by being user-centred and offering added value. They do so because there are innovations in all...

Global Family Day

Today is “Global Family Day”. As an exception, we recommend that you don’t get in touch with us until tomorrow and that for today you enjoy some time with your family –

Lost Sock Memorial Day

Today is “Lost Sock Memorial Day”. OK, so our density and viscosity sensors can’t actually do a lot about that. For many other applications they can, though. Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to advise you without obligation –

World Laughter Day

Today is “World Laughter Day”. Today, at 14:00 hours, Swiss time, there will be laughter in more than 100 countries together for one minute. If you missed it, we’ll be happy to bring a smile to your face and cost savings to your processes with our density and viscosity sensors –

World Laboratory Day

Today is “World Laboratory Day”. Let’s take the time to thank our lab workers for the excellent products that have come about thanks to their research work. We bring the lab into the process, don’t you think? –

Memorize: SENSOR+TEST 2019

TrueDyne Sensors AG is back at the SENSOR+TEST in Nuremberg, Germany in 2019. Between June 25th and 27th, 2019 you can find out more about our online density sensors for fluids and online viscosity sensors for liquids at our booth in hall 1, place 464. Get your free entrance voucher now. We look forward to your visit.

Youth Information Day

Today is “Youth Information Day”. We are expanding that to include providing every generation with information on our density and viscosity sensors – simply get in touch –

World Poetry Day

Today is “World Poetry Day”. Even in the times of the Ancient Greeks, philosophers and physicists argued over what colors actually are. We don’t argue about that today, but simply think about the fact that the word Poetry means “creating”. Did you know that our physicists have created outstanding density and viscosity sensors?

World Compliment Day

Today is “World Compliment Day”. It’s great that you’re always finding new ways of using our density and viscosity sensors. Do you have an application you’d like to discuss with us? –

Thinking Day

Today is “Thinking Day” on the day commemorating Founders’ Day in the scouting movement. Just like the scouts, the motto of our density and viscosity sensors is “Be prepared” in your measurements directly in the process. Want to find out more –