Our heroine in production

Rethink Sensing is not only our claim but part of our DNA. Today we introduce our production heroine Nicole Talmon-Gros.

The world stands still – production runs

Nicole Talmon-Gros is the driving force in our sensor production. Be it in the coordination of the various employees, the production of sensors or in the planning of the next steps. With her structured approach and clear communication she helps the team to get through the current Covid-19 situation.

« Only bourgeois measure a personality on the profane scale of production. »
Oscar Wilde

Thank you Nicole Talmon-Gros for keeping the sensor production running for our customers and us.

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Picture Credit Oscar Wilde: Napoleon Sarony creator QS:P170,Q965637, Oscar Wilde Sarony, partial cut-out from TrueDyne Sensors AG, CC0 1.0