VLO-P1 meter – IPA result

Mobile Density / Viscosity Meter

We congratulate Joel Becker on passing his EFZ electronics engineer exam as the best of his year!

TrueDyne: Joel, what was your thesis (IPA) about?
Joel: To complement the portfolio of TrueDyne Sensors AG, the density / viscosity sensor DLO/VLO-M1 is to be packed into a mobile solution. This should create a new application in which the density / viscosity sensor can be used.

In order to gain initial experience, a functional model was developed during the IPA, which packaged the proven density sensor into a handy and mobile solution. It was essential that the unique accuracy of the sensor be maintained, which enables the customer to achieve laboratory accuracy in the process.

The mobile density meter pumps the medium to be measured through the sensor developed by TrueDyne Sensors AG using a small peristaltic pump.

After the measurement, the measured values for density and viscosity as well as the calculated density according to API model are displayed at 15°C. This is done on a small 200×200 pixel E-Paper display.

During the IPA the complete power supply and battery monitoring as well as the control of the pump was realized. First a concept was developed, which was then converted into a schematic and finally into a finished printed circuit board.

Finally, the entire user interaction, i.e. operation and menu navigation, was developed and successfully programmed during the IPA.

TrueDyne: Why did you choose TrueDyne for your education?
Joel: I chose TrueDyne because of the many different challenges and the dynamic team.

TrueDyne: What did you enjoy most about your project?
Joel: What I liked most was the wide variety of tasks and project planning, but I also liked the software development (with a real-time operating system).

TrueDyne: What was the biggest challenge in your project?
Joel: The biggest challenge for me was the mechanics, because I’m more at home in electronics.

TrueDyne: What are your future plans?
Joel: In the near future I would like to study electrical engineering and stay a TrueDude.

TrueDyne: Thank you very much for your commitment to TrueDyne Sensors AG and the interview. We are pleased that you will remain with our team even after completing your training. We wish you continued joy and success on your way.

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