We made it!  –  German Innovation Awards Winner 2019

The German Innovation Awards honour products and solutions across sectors, which differ from previous solutions mainly by being user-centred and offering added value. They do so because there are innovations in all sectors that shape the future and improve life. Sometimes you see them at first glance – but often not. The German Innovation Awards aim to change that. They make great achievements visible to a wide audience and ensure successful positioning in the market.
We are proud to have won the German Innovation Award with our newly developed gas density sensor DGF-I1.

The gas density sensor DGF-I1 of TrueDyne Sensors AG combines smallest sensor Technology (MEMS = Micro Electro Mechanical Systems), physical models and highest calibration competence on smallest size. With our sensor, we redefine the state of the art and offer our customers added value in places where measurement has not been possible until today, e.g. in quality monitoring for food packaging. Our measuring system is based on a micro tuning fork, which is set into vibration. The resulting resonance frequency of the tuning fork depends on the density of the surrounding medium. Due to the possibilities of MEMS technology and the sensor technology based on it, the quality

Measure the density of a gas directly in the gas line or in the gas tank: This is made possible by the DGF-I1 density sensor from TrueDyne. At the heart of the sensor is a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) with an oscillator in the form of a tuning fork. For the measurement, the metal housing surrounding the MEMS is filled with the medium. The natural frequency of the oscillator varies depending on the density of the gas surrounding it. In order to compensate for temperature effects, a platinum resistor which precisely measures the local temperature is built into the sensor.
The sensor is very compact with a diameter of 31 mm and a length of 63 mm and can be placed in even the smallest of spaces. It is screwed directly into the gas line or the gas tank with the integrated connection, and a filter protects against contamination. The measured values are transmitted to the higher-level system via an RS485 interface. The response time of 5 seconds enables density measurement directly in the process – the measurement does not have to be interrupted.


Monitoring of welding gas mixtures
Monitoring of pure gas
Monitoring of gas mixtures for food packages