In peace lies the strength

Rethink Sensing is not only our claim but part of our DNA. Today we introduce our Technical Engineering and Operations colleague Ragnar von Möllendorff.

Adjustment of the calibration

Ragnar von Möllendorf is our man, if something needs to be tested in the short term, he is ready with material and action.

He is responsible for the calibration equipment, the heart of our sensor production. During the current Covid-19 situation he manages to keep our calibration systems running on site and via remote access.

« Quality is no coincidence, it is always the result of hard thinking. »
John Ruskin

Thank you, Ragnar, for making sure our production doesn’t come to a stop.

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Picture Credit John Ruskin: Unknown author, John Ruskin 1850s 2, partial cut-out from TrueDyne Sensors AG, CC0 1.0