Monitoring of fuel concentrations

New cars must be put through their paces before they are registered. The engine is tested at its limits and often started “cold”. As a result, the fuel no longer burns completely and mixes with the engine oil. Too much fuel in the engine oil can destroy the engine. With the viscosity sensor, tests no longer have to be interrupted – monitor the viscosity of the oil directly in the process and can replace it if necessary.
1. test bench for testing motors. 2. engine under test. 3. fuel used for the test. 4. engine oil used in the engine. 5. the quality of the engine oil is tested directly in the process, damage due to possible contamination can be avoided.

Sensors for this application

Viscosity sensor VLO-M1 for liquids

Viscosity data can be used to determine the properties of liquids and monitor their quality. The sensor measures the viscosity in the running process – even in the smallest of spaces. Irrespective of the viscosity, the sensor also measures the density and temperature of the medium being measured.

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