Quality monitoring of fuels

The density of a liquid depends on its composition. If different liquids are mixed, the correct mixing ratio can be checked with density measurements. For example, in the case of heating oil: according to legal requirements, 7 % biodiesel may be added to heating oil. As this is tax-free, it is often operated at the limit of legality. With the density sensor DLO-M1 from TrueDyne, they monitor the quality of the fuel oil during the running process.
1. tank truck for the supply of fuel oil. 2 The sensor measures the density of the fuel oil directly at the transfer point. The data collected on site shows whether the correct media are being refueled in the correct ratio. 3 The product is handed over to the customer. Good quality is guaranteed.

Sensors for this application

Density sensor DLO-M1 for liquids

The DLO-M1 sensor measures the density of liquids in a microelectromechanical system (MEMS system). Within the MEMS system, the liquid is directed to an omega-shaped microchannel, the so-called omega chip. This tiny silicon tube – it is hardly thicker than a hair – is vibrated for the measurement. The density of the medium to be measured can be derived from the natural frequency of this oscillation.

DLO-M2_ex - Dichtesensor - ATEX

Density sensor DLO-M2_ex for liquids

ATEX LogoThe DLO-M2_ex sensor for use in hazardous areas according to ATEX: II1G and IECEx: Zone 0 measures the density of liquids in a microelectromechanical system (MEMS system). Thanks to the measurement in the MEMS system, the sensor is only 30 x 83 x 15 mm³ small and can be installed even in tight spaces. The high-precision measurement results are immediately available, allowing continuous measurement during the running process.

Viscosity sensor VLO-M1 for liquids

Viscosity data can be used to determine the properties of liquids and monitor their quality. The sensor measures the viscosity in the running process – even in the smallest of spaces. Irrespective of the viscosity, the sensor also measures the density and temperature of the medium being measured.


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