Monitoring of pure gas

Gases are often colourless and odourless, rather expensive or damage can occur – whether the right gas is flowing out of the warehouse or into a process could previously only be checked by random sampling. With the density sensor from TrueDyne, you can determine the density of a gas and thus the quality directly during operation. This prevents mix-ups and rejects.
1. clean gas storage: under cylinders with gas A a cylinder with gas C is stored incorrectly. 2. pressure reducer. 3. The DGF-I1 is integrated into the filling system and measures the gas density in real time. When gas C is filled, it detects the deviating density and stops the filling process. 4. If the DGF-I1 determines that the density of the gas is correct, the process continues. 5. the correct gas is used and the quality is guaranteed at all times.

Sensor for this application

Density sensor DGF-I1 for gases

TrueDyne_German_Innovation_Award_Winner_19Measure the density of a gas directly in the gas pipe or in the gas tank: This is made possible by the DGF-I1 density sensor from TrueDyne. The heart of the sensor is a micromechanical system (MEMS system) with an oscillator in the form of a tuning fork. For the measurement, the metal housing surrounding the MEMS system is filled with the medium. The natural frequency of the oscillator varies depending on the density of the gas surrounding it. In order to compensate for temperature effects, a platinum resistor is built into the sensor, which precisely measures the local temperature.

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