Play it safe: Microsensors always under control

Whether gas or liquid, density or mass flow, fine chemicals, medical compounds or food: State-of-the-art product manufacturing runs without interrupting the process. Your key to reaching these goals? A MEMS measurement system installed in a TrueDyne Sensors AG module.

With many years of experience and a profound background, we have in-depth knowledge of various industries. Even in the initial consultation of a customer, we place great value on understanding the business and the needs of our customers and addressing them in a solution-oriented manner. Every customer-specific order is checked internally and handled with the utmost care. We would like to contribute to the success of the project together with the customer. Due to the sophisticated preparation, composition, and calibration of each module, it is highly precise, traceable, and exceptionally low in maintenance.


Direct control, ongoing approval.


Multi-parameter measurement of valuable liquids and gases in the smallest quantities. Extremely accurate results, thanks to state-of-the-art calibration. Routine interpretation of the measured values: TrueDyne Sensors AG MEMS OEM measurement modules guarantee maximum product and process reliability. Deviations from the standard? You can intervene. Immediately. Ultimately, this means more quality and productivity. Unnecessary downtimes of your systems are history.


Maximum performance with a minimum size in an ideal time to market.


TrueDyne Sensors AG MEMS OEM systems are available in any quantity. They are as small as possible and provide measurement performance and a level of accuracy that could never have previously been implemented at these dimensions. Combine these added values with a reliable connection to your complete system, including fast evaluation of your process data. What’s left? Rethink Sensing – here and now.

We work with you, not for you.


Often, exactly the right solution: Our ready-to-install standard system coordinated to your application. Are you looking for a solution like no other? We consistently involve you in the development process of your modules. What do you want to measure in which environment? Which data is to be interpreted and how? Which ambient conditions need to be considered? Which temperatures are most predominate? Which form factor should your module have? As a development and technology partner, we offer consulting, development, and production of customer-specific solutions.


The best partners from industry, science, and research.
We attach great importance to strong and established partners. TrueDyne Sensors AG focuses on quality, individualization, customer orientation, and staying up to date. For this reason, we work closely with a select, broad network of partners, universities of applied sciences, universities, and technical institutes. As a development & technology partner for customer-specific solutions, we look forward to discussing your individual requirements with you.


We would be pleased to process your request or to schedule a personal consultation via e-mail