Density module

The density module of TrueDyne Sensors AG combines the bending vibration principle in MEMS technology with a sub-millimeter microchannel and an integrated platinum temperature sensor. The microchannel is barely thicker than a hair and provides a wealth of new application possibilities within the density measurement technology.

Advantages at a glance


Outstanding measurement accuracy


Small sample quantities are enough to determine the density of liquid hydrocarbon compounds such as conventional fuels. The density module provides reliable and long-term stable results, even under difficult conditions like vibration.

Simple integration


Because of the compact design of the digital standard communication interface and the flexible choice of the fluidic interfaces, a simple integration of the module into a system or a facility is possible. The module is also able to measure within safety-critical applications.

Fast measurement results


At a measurement rate of 10 Hz, the results are available within a fraction of a second because of in-line and real-time measurement.

Low-maintenance operation


Due to the use of low-maintenance components, an improved plant availability is achieved. The required re-calibration effort is minimal.

Compact design


With dimensions of approx. 30 x 66 x 15 mm³ and a weight of 150 g, the module makes it possible to explore complete new application ranges. For instance, it is possible to use the module in plastics pipes or on moving parts such as robotic arms.

Continuous monitoring


The module can be installed directly into the process or into a bypass with a controlled flow rate. The continuous real-time monitoring of the process increases the productivity, as time-consuming and costly laboratory measurements become no longer necessary.

Applications / application Areas


The module can be used for simple volume-to-mass conversion in order to expand or renew existing systems. It can also be used to monitor the quality of media. Density measurement allows a high degree of security when it comes to identifying the medium. In addition, the concentration and composition of the media can be determined for binary mixtures based on density.

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