The root of the matter: MEMS multiparameter measuring technology

TrueDyne Sensors combines MEMS high-technology expertise from science and research and applied practical knowledge from areas such as Coriolis flow measurement, which have developed over years and been proven through use in hundreds of thousands of applications.

How does this type of micro measurement system work?


MEMS combines electronics and micromechanical structures in one tiny chip.


The field of possible applications is growing continuously, parallel to the miniaturization trend in many areas of the industry. Due to miniaturization, a real-time measurement is possible directly in the process.

The centerpiece of the small high-performance machines is a microchannel in the submillimeter range.


This microchannel is used to achieve accurate metrological results with minimum volumes and with extremely low energy consumption. Our technical integration ability enables us to implement multi-parameter solutions in extremely small spaces.



Among other products, TrueDyne Sensors AG focuses heavily on MEMS OEM sensors.


This opens new application fields such as the accurate inline determination of fluid media density. MEMS sensors allow for designs that are much smaller than ever before.

MEMS OEM sensors are vibration and shock-resistant.


Because they are stimulated at a high frequency, they allow exact applications where other measurement methods fail.




MEMS-Chip für neue Anwendungsbereiche in der MikrosensorikA TrueDyne Sensors AG MEMS chip with a size of 6.9 x 6.9 x 1.5 mm, a weight of 0.3 g and a microchannel only slightly thicker than a strand of hair opens ep a multitude of completely new application areas in microsensor technology.