New dimensions for multiparameter measurement technology

We provide the highest level of measurement accuracy, with extremely compact designs and maximum availability for inline analysis of liquids and gases.


MEMS chip for monitoring gases and liquids

TrueDyne Sensors AG is one of the leading suppliers in the development of microsensor systems. Qualitative and quantitative fluidic measurements are recorded based on new and known measuring principles. The modules of the TrueDyne Sensors guarantee maximum performance in a unique compact design. We create added value by consistently combining our competence fields of microsensors and multi-parameter measurement technology.




The MEMS* technology used in the form of a chip from TrueDyne Sensors, with a microchannel, which is only slightly thicker than a hair, makes this measurement parameter, which has hitherto not been achievable, a matter of course. The advantages of this measuring principle in the MEMS dimension: In a small space with minimum fluid quantities, they monitor gases and liquids during the process – for example, we record process density, temperature, pressure, and viscosity.


With the claim “Rethink Sensing”, we set the goal of developing innovative, high-precision sensors in the most compact design, and developing them with novel approaches.
Therefore, you should focus on individuality in a complete solution that integrates seamlessly and quickly into your product portfolio. Just like TrueDyne Sensors AG micro OEM measuring systems, which are perfectly configured according to your requirements. > more


*MEMS stands for microelectromechanical systems