Universal Robots 5 – IPA Result

Development Process Flow DGF

We congratulate Philipp Meier on passing his examination
to the electronics engineer (EFZ).

TrueDyne: Philipp: What was your thesis (IPA) about?
Philipp: My IPA was about developing a process flow. With the help of a collaborative robot (Universal Robots 5), the process of mounting a circuit board in a housing was automated.

To tighten the circuit board to the housing a screwing device was developed, which is supposed to tighten a nut from the opposite side with a certain torque. In the course of the work, this had to be electrically integrated into the robot control system.

The control and monitoring of the screwdriving device takes place via a microcontroller and additional peripherals. A finished microcontroller board was used.

The process was realized in such a way that a flexible number of sensors can be manufactured (1-12 pieces).

The focus of the work was the software on the microcontroller and the robot. The robot programming was implemented with the already existing software tool.

Finally, the finished system was put into operation and tested at the IPA.

TrueDyne: Why did you decide to have your education at TrueDyne Sensors AG?
Philipp: The working atmosphere and helpfulness impressed me very much right from the start.

TrueDyne: What did you enjoy most about your project?
Philipp: I really enjoyed designing the brackets. Also the complete assembly of the system.

TrueDyne: What was the biggest challenge in your project?
Philipp: The biggest challenge was programming the robot. Precisely controlling the various components proved to be very time-consuming and laborious.

TrueDyne: Thank you very much for your commitment at TrueDyne Sensors AG and the interview. We are pleased that you will remain with our team even after completing your education. We wish you continued joy and success on your way.