LoRaWan Sensorinterface
LoRaWan Sensor interface – IPA result

Mobile sensor interface for the DGF-I1 gas density sensor

We congratulate Philipp Gurtner on passing his EFZ electronics engineer exam as the best of his year!

TrueDyne: Philipp, what was your thesis (IPA) about?
Philipp: In my IPA I developed a mobile sensor interface for the DGF-I1 gas density sensor. The sensor interface runs the sensor with batteries and reads out the current process values. These are sent via the low-power IoT protocol LoRaWAN. Thus, the sensor interface with sensor can act as a self-sufficient measuring station and wirelessly monitor a plant.

My task was to develop an electronic system that handles the battery management, reads the measurement data, interprets them and sends them to a cloud platform.

TrueDyne: Why did you choose TrueDyne Sensors AG for your training?
Philipp: TrueDyne gave me good support, many possibilities and freedom. The team spirit is very motivating for the daily work.

TrueDyne: What did you enjoy most about your project?
Philipp: The many different tasks in the project brought many exciting things. I found it great to get to know many new things and to work with radio technology.

TrueDyne: What was the biggest challenge in your project?
Philipp: My biggest challenge was the software. I had to go through a steep learning curve in real-time operating systems. This allowed me to learn a lot and it was still a lot of fun when it worked.

TrueDyne: In which direction are your future plans going?
Philipp: At the moment I am looking forward to another great time at TrueDyne with many interesting projects. In the near future I would like to study electrical engineering.

Applications that might interest you

Monitoring of fuel concentrations
From volume (l)

to mass (kg)

Monitoring of welding gas mixtures
Monitoring of gas mixtures for food packaging

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