5 years TrueDyne Sensors AG

After TrueDyne Sensors AG was already registered in the commercial register in September 2014, the journey officially began in February 2015 and we would like to thank all current and former employees who have helped make TrueDyne Sensors AG what it is today. “Rethink Sensing” is not only our claim but our DNA.

What makes TrueDyne Sensors AG special?

The continuous measurement of material properties of gas and liquids enables maximum process reliability. The quality as well as the composition of fluids are specified by our sensors on the basis of density and viscosity.

Based on smallest sensor technology and novel physical models, TrueDyne Sensors AG generates real added value for customers. “Rethink Sensing” The MEMS technology not only shifts the quality laboratory closer to the “Lab to Process” process, but also into the “Lab into the Process” process.

  • Density measurement of fuel, Oil and water-based liquids to determine mass or composition monitoring
  • Viscosity measurement of fuels/Oil to monitor the quality
  • Gas density measurement for quality control of gas mixtures (welding gas or MAP-gases) or clean gas quality monitoring.

Applications that might interest you

Monitoring of fuel concentrations
From volume (l) to mass (kg)
Monitoring of welding gas mixtures
Monitoring of gas mixtures for food packages